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Navigating the Twenties Podcast

Welcome to the Navigating the Twenties podcast, where we embark on a biweekly adventure through the wild, funny, and sometimes bewildering moments that define this transformative decade of our lives. From mastering the art of adulting to embracing the beautifully messy journey of self-discovery, we’re here to cover it all!

In our inaugural episode, hosted by Zinhle Novazi, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of valuable insights that will reshape how you approach your twenties. Learn about the evolution of this platform, from a LinkedIn newsletter to a dynamic podcast, and discover why Navigating the Twenties is for everyone, regardless of age.

Join us as we dive into Zinhle’s fascinating journey—adapting to diverse languages and cities, embracing her identity as a multipotentialite, and navigating career transitions with unwavering passion. Explore the concept of the quintessential crisis and discover Zinhle’s wisdom on alignment, authenticity, and holistic well-being in all aspects of life.

The Navigating the Twenties podcast, launched on September 1st, has already made significant waves. Our content is resonating globally, with strong engagement from South Africa, Kenya, the UK, the US, and Spain. This early success underscores the podcast’s potential to guide and inspire young professionals navigating the complexities of their twenties.

But that’s not all! Our YouTube channel has garnered a lot of subscribers and views. Our diverse audience, spanning ages 18-34 and representing both genders, proves that Navigating the Twenties content is hitting the mark.

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